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Montessori Or Traditional Preschool: What Are The Differences?

Montessori Or Traditional Pres...

Sending your child to preschool when they reach the appropriate age is a significant milestone for every parent. Yet, the journey extends beyond the decision itself – choosing the right preschool also requires careful consideration. Longitudinal studies, which are... Read more
Sensory Play: What Is It And Why Is It Important For Your Child?

Sensory Play: What Is It And W...

As a parent who wants the best for your child, you often hear the term “sensory play” when weighing your options between different pre-nursery schools in Singapore. But what exactly is sensory play, and why is it considered an important part of early... Read more
Encouraging Creative Expressions Through Speech & Drama

Encouraging Creative Expressio...

As parents, we all want the best for our children – for them to thrive and grow into well-rounded individuals who can tackle whatever life throws their way. That’s why early childhood development is so important, emphasising the importance of nurturing... Read more
5 Sensory Activities You Can Try With Your Child At Home

5 Sensory Activities You Can T...

As parents, we want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their development. One vital aspect of nurturing our little ones is through sensory play. Engaging in sensory activities not only stimulates their senses but also enhances their cognitive,... Read more
Separation Anxiety – Parent or Child

Separation Anxiety - Parent or...

Separation Anxiety – Parent or Child For parents and children, drop-offs at school can be a heart-wrenching challenge. Your child is anxious; he or she has to let go of Mummy’s and Daddy’s hand to join an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar faces. On the other side... Read more
Food for Children: The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

Food for Children: The Importa...

It may be difficult to get our children to eat their fruits and vegetables, but beyond the obvious nutritional value, pepping their diet with this food group has a lot more advantages. Here are some: Better Mental Performance While we know that ‘Glow’ foods help the... Read more