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Brighton Montessori: Kindergarten 1 Programme

5 years old

Developing a Concrete Understanding of The World

Brighton Montessori is a Private Kindergarten childcare centre with multiple centres conveniently located in Singapore. We provide personalized learning for all children under our care. The Kindergarten 1 curriculum is designed to immerse children in hands-on experiences that align with their unique interests. The curriculum focuses on nurturing their curiosity and extending their understanding of the world through the use of Montessori materials, fostering self-awareness and independence, which are two crucial pillars that empower children to excel academically and in their lives beyond the classroom.

Our purposefully structured and immersive Private Montessori environment and work cycle enables children to practice self-directed learning. As they progress through Kindergarten 1, children will transition into autonomous learners who can take ownership of their own learning.

By the time they complete Kindergarten 1, students at Brighton Montessori will have achieved significant milestones. They will not only be able to read and write independently in both English and Mandarin but will also have mastered the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. Moreover, they will be able to confidently identify numbers up to 999.

Why Should You Enroll Your Child into a Montessori Kindergarten 1 Programme in Singapore?

The Montessori approach highly values a child’s individuality and provides opportunities for children to acquire self-help skills which pave the way for children to become independent learners. Every child is directed on their own path to maximize their potential. Our Montessori Kindergarten Programme strikes a balance in both individual and group activities, which allow children to experience one-on-one teaching as well as group learning.

Personalized Attention & Guidance

Teacher-to-Child Ratio

At Brighton Montessori, our Private Kindergarten 1 classes have a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:12, which is lower than industry regulations in Singapore (1 + 1 para-educators/educarers: 30). Each English teacher is trained in the Montessori method and the centre is also supported by an Academic Coordinator. Mandarin teachers are native speakers who speak to the children in Mandarin in all aspects to provide an immersive environment for learning Mandarin.

Children are naturally inquisitive at this age and require a higher level of attention. This is precisely why we maintain a low teacher-to-child ratio, as it allows our educators to closely monitor each child’s development, fostering a deep and personal connection with every student.

Our Curriculum: The Montessori Approach

At Brighton Montessori, our Kindergarten 1 Programme in Singapore covers the whole spectrum of Montessori training with the five pillars of Montessori. We also provide holistic experiences with Music and Movement, Outdoor activities and Art and Craft throughout the week. Activities such as Current Issues, Environment Issues, Brighton Talk and Show and Tell are introduced to provide children with opportunities to speak aloud.


Children practice using the blending technique to read longer words consisting of consonant blends. – Blue series component of our Phonics Programme.

Complete worksheets, reading of short phrases and short books to reinforce knowledge of the blends.

Writing activities to learn writing conventions.

By the end of Kindergarten 1, children are introduced to Consonant and Vowel digraphs.


In Kindergarten 1, children progress towards complex addition and subtraction more operations with the use of Montessori materials such as Strip Board and Golden

Concept of place values covering Hundreds, Tens and Units.

Introduced to practical Math concepts – Number Bonds, Odd and Even, Measurement, Pattern and Sequencing.

Practical Life

Make use of prior knowledge to to work on more complex exercises.

Kindergarten 1 children embark on these activities – use of chopsticks, cutting different shapes and mixing of soap.

Nurturing students’ ability to sustain their focus on specific activities, which will help them in more intricate academic activities.

Cultural Studies

In Kindergarten 1, children embark on deeper exploration of the five Cultural subjects.

Montessori Continent Maps and the Land and Water Materials to help children learn Geography.

Science experiments concerning evaporation/condensation and magnetism to engage students’ curiosity in Science.

Develop understanding of Botany in how plants can be used in different areas on life.

Aesthetics & Creativity

Kindergarten 1 children will apply their knowledge and understanding of music and art elements in various activities.

More complex techniques introduced in art lessons. – Cross-hatching, application of colour values and simple still-life drawings.

Opportunities to comment on each other’s art pieces and apply their knowledge of art elements.

Collaborative activities to encourage cooperative learning and creative use of music and body movement in children.

Physical Activities

Daily physical activities in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Private playground facilities in all centres for Brighton Montessori’s students.

Kindergarten 1 children will be working on
combining different locomotor skills in sequence and in tandem, as well as practicing non-locomotor skills such as balancing on different parts of the body.


Mandarin is conducted on a daily basis. Our Mandarin teachers are native speakers that immerse the children in the language and relevant contexts.

Reading with understanding is emphasized and children are facilitated through the use of thematic storybooks.

Benefits of our Montessori Kindergarten 1 Programme

Concrete understanding of the world through Montessori materials and Hands-on experiences

Become independent learners who take increasing ownership of their learning

Master English and Math concepts at the Kindergarten 1 level

At the end of our Montessori Kindergarten 1 Programme, children will be able to confidently read and write longer words of diverse consonant blends. They can apply their addition and subtraction skills, possess a concrete understanding of the world around them, and transition into autonomous learners, capable of taking ownership of their own learning.

As your child progresses, they continue to develop a strong foundation and work on various skills, through the Montessori approach.

In Singapore, most children progress to Kindergarten 1 at 5 years old, then progressing to Kindergarten 2 at 6 years old.

The Kindergarten 1 curriculum at Brighton Montessori continues to build on students’ foundational skills, refining them, and integrating them with other subjects and aspects outside of school The children at Kindergarten 1 are also given opportunities to discuss and present during the weekly programme in front of their teachers and peers to develop and build on their communication skills.

The choice between Montessori Kindergarten and Traditional Kindergarten in Singapore ultimately depends on your child’s learning goals and your educational priorities.

Private Montessori Kindergartens in Singapore often provide a child-centered, hands-on learning environment that promotes independence and self-directed exploration. In contrast, Traditional Kindergartens may follow a more structured curriculum.

However, the most distinctive difference would be the teacher-child ratio. Brighton Montessori being a Private Kindergarten, have a low teacher-child ratio in the Kindergarten class of 1 teacher to 12 students, allowing our educators to provide a higher level of attention to each student to facilitate their personal development and objectives. Whereas, most Traditional Kindergartens adheres to the industry regulations in Singapore of 1 + 1 para-educators/educarers: 30.

It is essential to consider your child’s unique needs and visit specific schools, to determine which educational approach aligns best with your child’s learning style.

Arrange a visit to one of our centres to learn more here.

At Brighton Montessori, we cover the five Montessori Subjects: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Language, Mathematics, and Culture Studies through an emphasis on learning through hands-on activities. Our centres are also purposefully structured to create an environment where our students are motivated to explore, interact and learn independently.

The Montessori approach not only focuses on academic skills but also on cultivating essential life skills, such as problem-solving, self-confidence, and collaboration with peers, making it a holistic and well-rounded educational choice for young children in Singapore.

We aim to provide an individualized learning experience for our students, where our educators are able to act as guides, observing each child’s progress and providing individualized support. Learn more about our approach here.

The Kindergarten 1 Programme fees are subject to individual/centres. Do drop us a call, an email or complete this form to schedule a visit with us at the centre of your choice to enquire for further information.

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