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Brighton Montessori: Nursery 2 Programme

4 years old

Nurturing Curiosity and Cultivating Independence

Brighton Montessori is a quality kindergarten and nursery school with multiple centres conveniently located in Singapore. We provide personalized learning for all children under our care. The Nursery 2 curriculum is designed to provide a holistic and hands-on learning experience for young children. The curriculum focuses on the development of social skills, self-awareness, and independence which are essential to achieve success both academically and outside of school.

Our purposefully structured and immersive Montessori environment has intriguing materials within reach of children, motivating them to explore, interact and learn independently. At the N2 level, children will master the blending technique by the end of the year to prepare for early reading. They will also be able to understand and apply math concepts such as addition, subtraction and knowledge of teens and tens.

Why Should You Enroll Your Child into a Montessori Nursery 2 Programme in Singapore?

The Montessori approach highly values a child’s individuality and provides opportunities for children to acquire self-help skills that enable them to become independent learners. Each child is directed on their own path to maximize their potential. Our Montessori Nursery 2 Programme strikes a balance in both individual and group activities, that enable children to experience one-on-one teaching as well as group learning.

The weekly programme covers the five pillars of Montessori. We also provide holistic experiences with Music and Movement, Outdoor activities and Art and Craft throughout the week. Activities such as Current Issues, Environmental Issues, Brighton Talk and Show and Tell are introduced to equip children with public speaking skills. These opportunities help develop children’s communication and social skills in preschool.

Teacher-to-Child Ratio

Personalized Attention & Guidance

Our Nursery 2 classes have a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:10, which is lower than industry regulations in Singapore (1 + 1 para-educators/educarers: 20). Each teacher is trained in the Montessori method, and the centre is also supported by an Academic Coordinator. Children are naturally curious about everything at this age and require a higher level of attention. Therefore, a low teacher-to-child ratio allows our teachers to monitor your child’s development closely and allows them to connect with each child on a deep and personal level. Teachers can also better develop personalized goals and learning objectives for each N2 student.

Our Curriculum: The Montessori Approach

At Brighton Montessori, our Nursery 2 Programme covers the whole spectrum of Montessori training with the five pillars of Montessori. The five pillars are Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies. Our educators encourage learning through hands-on activities in creative and fun ways. Our children are also exposed to other subjects to develop all-rounded abilities in preparation for formal schooling.


Word-building exercises using Large Moveable Alphabet to assimilate their knowledge of sounds in words.

By the end of the Nursery 2 curriculum, children will be able to read simple phrases, sentences, and short books. Also, children will progress onwards from tracing to writing short sentences in this year.

Public speaking exercises conducted through the Brighton Talk and Show and Tell activities weekly. Opportunities to discuss current and environmental issues are also integrated into the programme.


Practice adding and subtracting under 10 using Short Bead Stair and Small Number Rods.

The Seguin Boards A and B also introduce the concept of teens and tens to children using both concrete and abstract materials.

Children will be able to identify numbers up to 90.

Practical Life

At Nursery 2, our children refine their motor skills by working on more complex exercises such as use of scissors, threading and lock and keys.

Exercises such as use of paper clips, sharpener and ruler also equip them with the necessary skills to work independently in the classroom.


Integrate understanding of math concepts via the use of sensorial materials.

Children are introduced to more complex shapes such as polygons, quadrilaterals and curve-sided shapes via the Geometric Cabinet, explore relationships between various Geometric Solids and apply logic and creativity in assembling different designs using the Constructive Triangles.

Cultural Studies

Four Cultural Subjects (History, Geography, Botany, Zoology) will be introduced throughout the year

Subjects will be broken down into monthly interest topics such as Fruits and Vegetables for Botany, Land and Water Forms for Geography etc. Specialized Montessori cultural materials are used to help the children explore these ideas.

Festival Weeks are also included to help children develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the different cultures and traditions that we have in Singapore.

Aesthetics & Creativity

Nursery 2 children are exposed to an array of art and music elements, to apply their skills and develop appreciation for these creative expressions.

Children will be introduced in a structured manner to different elements (Colour, Lines, Shape, Texture) while using a variety of media and art tools. They can also share their reasoning behind the choices they make in the arts.

In Music and Movement, the children’s understanding of beat and rhythm has been extended to include tempo and dynamics in Nursery 2.

Physical Activities

Physical movement is crucial for our young ones to develop healthy bodies and minds. We provide daily physical activities both in outdoor and indoor settings.

Playground facilities are available in all of our centres for our children.

In Nursery 2, we focus more on coordination and control over various locomotor skills such as running in a zig-zag manner, jumping over low obstacles and using different sports equipments such as hockey sticks and bats to hit objects.


Mandarin is conducted on a daily basis. Our Mandarin teachers are native speakers that immerse the children in the language and relevant contexts.

Children also progress onwards from strokes to writing characters, and learning how to use the vocabulary in different contexts.

Simple storybooks are also used in the lessons to help children bridge their understanding of Mandarin.

Benefits of our Montessori Nursery 2 Programme

Show appreciation and understanding for the world around them

Refine fine-motor skills through completing more complex exercises

Foster Physical and Cognitive skills development

At the end of our Montessori Nursery 2 Programme, children will be able to blend and read simple words and sentences consisting of three-letters, add sums under 20 and subtract sums under 10, and identify numbers up to 90.

As your child progresses, they continue to develop a strong foundation and work on various skills, through the Montessori approach.

In Singapore, most children attend Nursery school at age 3, starting at Nursery 1 then progressing to Nursery 2 at 4 years old.

The Nursery 2 curriculum at Brighton Montessori is extensively focused on building on foundational skills, refining them, and integrating them with other subjects and aspects outside of school. The children at Nursery 2 are also given opportunities to discuss and present during the weekly programme in front of their teachers and peers to develop and build on their communication skills.

At Brighton Montessori, we cover the five Montessori Subjects: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Language, Mathematics, and Culture Studies through an emphasis on learning through hands-on activities. Our centres are also purposefully structured to create an environment where our students are motivated to explore, interact and learn independently.

The Montessori approach focuses more on individualized learning for our students, which provides them with more freedom to learn at their own pace and cultivate their interests. Learn more about our approach here.

As toddlers are full of energy and curiosity, they require more attention and guidance to ensure they progress to meet their learning goals. At Brighton Montessori, our low teacher-child ratio in the Nursery 2 class of 1 teacher to 10 students allows our teachers to provide a higher level of attention to each student to facilitate their personal development and objectives.

The Nursery 2 Programme fees are subject to individual centres. Do drop us a call, an email, or complete this form to schedule a visit with us at the centre of your choice to enquire for further information.

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