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Pre-Nursery & Playgroup Programme

1.5 to 2 years old

Developing Self-Regulation Skills


Brighton Montessori is a quality preschool providing personalised learning for all children under our care in Singapore. Our Pre-Nursery & Playgroup curriculum is heavily focused on hands-on experiences and uniquely designed to cater to each child’s interests. We ensure our learning materials are age-appropriate and highly appealing to our young toddlers (1.5 to 2 years old), who are still learning to explore using their five senses. The teachers in our pre-nursery schools in Singapore are trained to observe and facilitate every child’s learning journey, ensuring they select the materials that enhance their learning.

Why Should You Enroll Your Child into a Montessori Pre-Nursery and Playgroup Programme in Singapore?

The Montessori approach highly values a child’s individuality and provides opportunities for children to acquire self-help skills that enable them to become independent learners.

Each child is directed on their own path to maximize their potential. A Montessori Playgroup strikes a balance in both individual and group activities, that enable children to experience one-on-one teaching as well as group learning.

The weekly programme covers the five pillars of Montessori. We also provide holistic experiences with Music and Movement, Outdoor activities and Art and Craft throughout the week.

Children having fun in our pre-nursery school.

Teacher-to-Child Ratio

Our Pre-Nursery Playgroup classes have a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:6, which is lower than industry regulations in Singapore (1 + 1 para-educators/educarers: 12). Each teacher is trained in the Montessori method, and the centre is also supported by an Academic Coordinator. The low teacher-to-child ratio also provides close monitoring of your child’s development and allows teachers to know each child on a deep and personal level.

Our Pre Nursery Curriculum: The Montessori Approach

At Brighton Montessori, we cover the whole spectrum of Montessori training with the five pillars of Montessori. The five pillars are Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Language, Mathematics, and Culture Studies. Our educators emphasise learning through hands-on activities in creative and fun ways. Our children are also exposed to other subjects to develop all-rounded abilities in preparation for formal schooling.


Sound tubs provide children with attractive miniatures that help facilitate the recognition of specific letter sounds.

Our students can interact with the materials as much as they want while teachers name and reinforce the sounds with them.

Activities such as storytelling, fingerplays, nursery rhymes and group lessons are used to enhance students’ use of language in relevant contexts.


Children are exposed to numeracy concepts through daily songs and games.

We introduce numbers and shapes to toddlers through games to instill basic Math concepts while having fun.

Math skills are also integrated into other activities such as sensorial exercises and practical life through the Montessori approach.

Practical Life

At the toddler stage, children learn best through hands-on exploration.

Students engage in practical life activities such as pouring, scooping, and threading in the Pre-Nursery Playgroup Programme. These activities appeal to a child’s innate desire to imitate the adults around him / her.

Our teachers enhance a child’s learning through a specially prepared environment, with the necessary materials. Our children pick up essential self-help skills such as dressing, keeping of items and decision-making that enable them to gain independence.


Sensorial materials such as the Knobbed Cylinders and the Pink Tower integrate numeracy skills with tactile learning for our students.

Children acquire an innate sense of order through the self-correcting materials, and learn concepts such as big to small, wide to narrow.

Other materials such as the Geometric Cabinet and Colour Box enable them to learn math vocabulary such as shapes and colours in a fun and hands-on manner.

Cultural Studies

Our students are introduced to a variety of topics that are age-appropriate and catered to their interests, with related hands-on activities planned by the teachers. Such topics include Myself, My Family, Shapes and Colours.

Natural Environment topics such as Weather, Animals and Plants are also incorporated in their learning.

Cultural heritage is an important part of Singapore’s identity. To celebrate and appreciate this, festival weeks are introduced to our students, for them to have a deep appreciation and understanding of the different cultures and traditions here.

Aesthetics & Creativity

In our Pre-Nursery Playgroup

Programme, activities are structured to provide children with fun exploration of music and art elements.

Music and Movement lessons are planned to engage children in singing, listening and moving to a wide variety of songs.

Art and Craft lessons are focused primarily on mark-making and exploratory experiences with different art mediums such as paint, crayons and recycled materials.


Physical movement is crucial for our children to develop healthy bodies and minds. We provide daily physical activities both indoor and outdoor settings.

Private Playground facilities are available in all of our centres.

Structured physical activities are also conducted by our teachers to engage children in learning specific skills such as running, jumping, picking up and throwing objects.


Introducing bilingual education in Pre-Nursery exposes our students to a second language, which is vital for language development in future learning.

Mandarin classes are conducted on a daily basis. Our Mandarin teachers are native speakers that immerse the children in the language through relevant topics such as My Home, My Family and Occupations.

We also create innovative activities for the children to learn Mandarin through hands-on activities, songs and dramatic play.

Benefits of joining Brighton Montessori Pre-Nursery School

Determine their choice of learning at their own pace

Develop independence and self-help skills

Learn foundational skills through hands-on experiences

At the end of our Pre-Nursery Programme, children will become confident explorers in a familiar environment. They are also introduced to the Montessori work-cycle to facilitate their first steps into independent, self-directed learning.

As your child gets used to the learning environment, his / her journey to Nursery 1 will be a smoother transition.

What is the age for Pre-Nursery / Playgroup Programme in Singapore?

In Singapore, children can start attending Pre-Nursery Programmes, also known as Playgroup at 18 – 30 months.

At this age, we focus on helping young toddlers develop their gross and fine motor skills through a series of indoor and outdoor activities, in a fun-filled and interactive environment.

What is the difference between Montessori & Preschool in Singapore?

At Brighton Montessori, we cover the five Montessori Subjects: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial Exercises, Language, Mathematics, and Culture Studies through the emphasise on learning through hands-on activities. Our centres are also purposefully designed to create an environment where our students are motivated to explore, interact and learn independently.

The Montessori approach focuses more on individualised learning for our students, which provides them with more freedom to learn at their own pace and cultivate their interests. Learn more about our approach here

As young toddlers are full of energy and curiosity, they require more attention and guidance to ensure they are progressing to meet their learning goals. At Brighton Montessori, our low teacher-child ratio of 1 teacher to 6 students at the Pre-Nursery level allows our teachers to provide undivided and personalised attention to each student to facilitate with their development.

Is Pre-Nursery / Playgroup necessary in Singapore?

Pre-Nursery / Playgroup is not necessary in Singapore, as children can be enrolled at any age after 18 months and before they turn 7 years old.

Our Pre-Nursery Programme caters to children aged 1.5 – 2 years old. At this age, it is important for young toddlers to develop gross and fine motor skills to learn how to use large and smaller muscles which facilitates self-help skills to sit, crawl, and walk independently as well as grabbing, drawing, and manipulating objects. The focus of our Pre-Nursery / Playgroup curriculum can help children with self-regulation skills to foster a greater sense of autonomy and confidence.

The hand-on activities done during playgroup sessions and curriculum time also helps with cognitive development. Through learning and playing with their peers, children develop trusting relationships with each other and our teachers which plays a huge part in social growth and development. Schedule a visit to find out more today!

What are the Fees for Pre-Nursery / Playgroup in Singapore?

Programme fees are subject to individual centres. Do drop us a call, an email, or complete this form to schedule a visit with us at the centre of your choice to enquire for further information.

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