Daily Activities
Daily Activities

Apart from our Montessori Curriculum, our Daily Activites also include subjects such as:

1.     Mandarin

Mandarin is taught in a systematic way as the children learn the language through a thematic approach and by the use of interactive games and fun teaching aids. The Mandarin curriculum is both comprehensive and stimulating as it is based on a multi-level approach involving listening, reading, writing, building vocabulary, story-telling, conversation, songs, rhymes and dance. 

2.     Music & Movement

The Music and Movement sessions provides the children the opportunity for music appreciation and self-expression. The children not only enjoy music as a form of expression, they can also be creative and imaginative through music, rhythm and dance. Our school’s annual year-end concert is a colourful showcase of the children’s ability for teamwork, coordination, confidence in their own physical movememt and stage presence. 

3.     Art & Craft

Self-expression and artistic creativity is strongly cultivated as the children experience forms of creative arts by using different art material that varies in textures, colours and design etc. The children’s involvement in the arts stimulates not only their senses, it also enhances their emotional development and thinking.  

4.     Outdoor Activities

As children naturally love to run, play and move around. The quality time spent in our spacious field and playground is crucial to their overall growth as they have a natural need to expand their energy. The children’s movement and play experiences contribute to their mental alertness, creative thinking, physical fitness and having the confidence to explore new challenges at the playground. Participation in group games with friends enable the children to learn to share, take turns and co-operate with one and another.  

5.     Show and Tell

The children are given ample opportunities to develop public speaking skills, thereby leading to the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. Language mastery and learning to form one’s own opinions and ideas are important skills that are actively cultivated in our classes. 
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