Kindergarten 1
Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 (5 to 6 year olds)

  • Key note: learning takes place in a progressive and simulative manner with a lot of materials accompanying the learning process.
  • Having mastered blending and reading of 3 letter words in N2 (Pink series), they move on to 4 or more letter words in K1 (Blue & Green series). They also get introduced to consonant and vowel diagraphs. They learn to pick out initial and final blends.
  • Get further introduced, recognise and learn to memorise more high frequency words.
  • They do a fair bit of word building exercises before moving on to reading word lists. (ties in with tactile and visual learning aspects before moving on to abstract learning)
  • Having mastered recognition and remembering quantities 10-90, they move on to quantities 11-99.
  • Further cement their understanding of addition and subtraction using new material such as Addition and Subtraction Strip Board.
  • Learn new concepts such as counting on and also number bonds.
  • Get introduced to place values such as units, tens and hundreds in the 2nd half of the year.
  • Learn vertical addition and subtraction without change in 4th term. This prepares them for Primary One learning as these are common mathematical concepts used in primary schools.
Arrival & Health check
Greeting & Attendance
Phonics Song/ Story Telling
Phonics & Practical Life/ Math & Sensorial
Art & Craft/ Nursery Rhymes & Finger Play/ Circle Time & Songs
Indoor Play / Group Activities
Music & Movement/ Montessori Activities
Prepare for Departure


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