Kindergarten 2
Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten 2 (6 years old)

  • Able to blend and read fluently most words by now. So they get introduced to long vowel diagraphs words etc.
  • Grammar, vocabulary is also taught with accompanying worksheets.
  • Children get introduced to common aspects of primary school learning such as spelling, cloze comprehension, composition, logical sequencing etc.
  • Moves away from tactile learning and focuses more on abstract learning.
  • As for mathematics, they work on vertical addition and subtraction with change.
  • Also get introduced to common topics such as money, time etc.
Arrival & Health check
Greeting & Attendance
Phonics Song/ Story Telling
Phonics & Practical Life/ Math & Sensorial
Art & Craft/ Nursery Rhymes & Finger Play/ Circle Time & Songs
Indoor Play / Group Activities
Music & Movement/ Montessori Activities
Prepare for Departure


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