Nursery 1
Nursery 1

Nursery 1 (3 to 4 year olds)

  • Key note: young children are tactile and visual learners.
  • Able to recognise and remember all 26 letter sounds of the alphabet by the end of the year using the sandpaper letters. These letters hone their learning by tapping on the tactile aspect.
  • Able to recognise and remember numerals 1-10.
  • Master mathematical concepts such as rote counting from 1-10 in both fixed and loose quantities. Using materials such as Number Rods and Spindle Box.
Arrival & Health check
Greeting & Attendance
Phonics Song/ Story Telling
Phonics & Practical Life/ Math & Sensorial
Art & Craft/ Nursery Rhymes & Finger Play/ Circle Time & Songs
Indoor Play / Group Activities
Music & Movement/ Montessori Activities
Prepare for Departure


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