Nursery 2
Nursery 2

Nursery 2 (4 to 5 year olds)

  • Are able to blend and read 3 letter words fluently by end of the year.
  • Get introduced, learn to recognise and remember high frequency words (sight words) e.g. is, are, she, he, her, your.
  • They get introduced to the basic concept of reading by putting their phonetic knowledge to good use by reading specially tailored books.
  • Learn addition and subtraction concepts using the Short Bead Stairs and Number Rods. They fully understand and remember the concepts via the different types of materials used.
  • They also move on to recognising and remembering larger quantities such as 11-19 and 10-90 subsequently by the end of the year.
  • Work on enhancing their fine motor skills through Practical Life Exercises such as cutting and using the scissor-tweezers to transfer objects.
Arrival & Health check
Greeting & Attendance
Phonics Song/ Story Telling
Phonics & Practical Life/ Math & Sensorial
Art & Craft/ Nursery Rhymes & Finger Play/ Circle Time & Songs
Indoor Play / Group Activities
Music & Movement/ Montessori Activities
Prepare for Departure


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