Pre Nursery
Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery (1.5 to 2 year olds)

  • Work on the solid holistic development of child
  • Encourage children to become independent learners and also allow them to exercise their freedom of choice
  • Introduce and develop their gross and fine motor skills through various Practical Life exercises such as threading of beads, pouring 1 to 1 and spooning.
  • Ensuring they become better learners by working on the tactile and visual aspects of learning via sensorial activities such as Knobbed cylinders, Pink tower and Broad stairs. These sensorial activities also indirectly introduce mathematical concepts to children such as height, length, width, sorting and matching.
Arrival & Health check
Greeting & Attendance
Phonics Song/ Story Telling
Phonics & Practical Life/ Math & Sensorial
Art & Craft/ Nursery Rhymes & Finger Play/ Circle Time & Songs
Indoor Play / Group Activities
Music & Movement/ Montessori Activities
Prepare for Departure


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