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Childcare Programmes at Brighton Montessori

Years of research have shown that young children are very tactile and visual learners. Designed to suit every child, our curriculum is shaped to stimulate and engage children with materials that reiterate and reinforce concepts. With Brighton’s low child-to-teacher ratio, each child receives personalised attention and guidance to ensure that they are progressing to meet their learning goals.

Brain Development

Pre Nursery (1.5 to 2 years old)

Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:6

  • Work on holistic development of the child
  • Introduce and develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Work on the tactile and visual aspects of learning via sensorial activities such as Knobbed Cylinders, Pink Tower and Broad Stairs
child playing and learning numerals material

Nursery 1 (3 to 4 years old)

Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:8

  • Help children to recognise sounds of the alphabet using the Sandpaper Letters
  • Support children in recognising numerals 1 to 10
  • Master mathematical concepts such as counting from 1 to 10 using materials such as Number Rods and Spindle Box
body and brain development

Nursery 2 (4 to 5 years old)

Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:10

  • Blend and read 3-letter words fluently
  • Master basic reading by applying phonetic knowledge to specially tailored books
  • Learn concepts of addition and subtraction using Short Bead Stair and Number Rods
Familiarization in addition and substraction

Kindergarten 1 (5 to 6 years old)

Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:12

  • Introduce consonant and vowel diagraphs
  • Familiarisation with place values such as units, tens and hundreds using Golden Beads
  • Learn vertical addition and subtraction
spelling development

Kindergarten 2 (6 years old)

Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:14

  • Introduction of common aspects of primary school learning such as spelling, cloze passage and logical sequencing 
  • Regular exercises in grammar and vocabulary with accompanying worksheets
  • Learn common topics such as money and time