Why Brighton Montessori
Why Brighton Montessori

Learn skills that matter for life

A child’s development is strongly influenced by early experiences. Our programmes give students the opportunity to realise their potential and promote in them:

  • Responsibility for themselves and respect for others
  • Independence and self-confidence
  • Thinking skills and concentration
  • Initiative and self-motivation
  • Cooperation with others
  • A love for learning

Being prepared for a transition to formal schooling

Formal schooling in Singapore can be competitive and children take time to settle in to a new school system. Brighton recognises this challenge and we prepare our children for a smooth transition through development of their cognitive, emotional, social and academic skills. Our Montessori curriculum is richly supplemented with exercises and activities that offer children experiences to formal schooling. Testament to our success, schools and parents alike have provided feedback on how our children are eloquent and participative beyond their age and peer groups.

Being taught by educators who know what’s best

However comprehensive the curriculum, it is our team of educators who truly bring out the value in the work we do every day. Our educators are dedicated to creating a warm and safe environment with children and most have been with us for years. Having undergone intensive training on Montessori’s philosophy, curriculum and practical implementation, our educators are well-versed in the entire spectrum of the Montessori Method. We recognise that development is continuous, and our educators are continuously enriched and exposed to international best practices through training and development courses.

A belief in parent collaboration

At Brighton Montessori, we believe that parents, teachers, principals and even support staff are partners in facilitating the growth and development of our children. We organise many parent involvement activities including sports day, festive celebrations, concerts and class exhibitions. Many avenues for information dissemination, feedback and dialogue sessions about your child’s education are provided such as regular curriculum briefings, parent-teacher sessions and progress meetings, in addition to newsletters and weekly folders to share more about what your child is learning at school.

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